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Here are what some of our patients are saying about SWT.

I have chronic pain in many areas of my body that were resistant to normal therapy treatments. I had stopped progressing with treatment until trying SWT. My first treatment series was for my headaches. It was actually quite comfortable, and my constant headache for 18 months straight finally broke after the first session!

Matthew, tired of pain

A year after my rotator cuff repair I could not sleep on my shoulder and could not return to fly fishing, one of my favorite things. As my treatments progressed my pain got better and better.

Mike, returned to fly fishing

After hitting the ground behind the ball 17 years ago and dealing with chronic Golfer's Elbow, by the 3rd treatment my pain was completely gone.

The treatments were mild to no discomfort and no worse than my usual pain.

I can play as many games as I want without pain!

Jim, pain free golf!

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